Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

I grew up in Southern Alabama, however my mother grew up in Colorado and Texas so every summer our family took a “Road Trip” out West.  I remember the first time I saw one of the summer storms moving across the open prairie.  It was such a strong contrast to the dense woods of my childhood with their feeling of being enveloped in damp green foliage.  These storms usually moved quickly and were mesmerizing to watch.  The western skyscapes  are so expansive.  This is a feeling that is important to me to convey in my work. My gallery here in Santa Fe, Winterowd Fine Art 701 Canyon Road has many of these paintings in Inventory http://www.fineartsantafe.com/artists/category/7-jamie-kirkland-landscape-abstracts.html


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