Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

My critique group meets once a month. We each bring coffee, croissant and paintings. We rotate studios where we meet. Today we met at Brenda’s beautiful home here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The hosting artist typically has more work. They may be getting ready for a show or some other project so the group spends more time talking with the host artist about their work. Each artist brings two to three pieces. The pieces can be finished paintings, work in progress, paintings that the artist is stuck on or sometimes we bring work that is a totally new direction for us.
The artists in my critique group are
Chris Richter http://chrisrichterart.com/
Brenda Zapatiell http://brendahopezappitell.com/
Kathleen McCloud http://kathleenmccloud.com/about.php
Stacy Erickson
The consensus of opinion is that now is a great time to try new work, flesh out all of those ideas that we had to set aside in a busier art market.
My favorite part of critique group is that when we get together , conversation starts and the energy builds and the ideas start flying. amazing things start happening. Insights we probably would not have experienced on our own. We all report that we are so jazzed when we get back to the studio. As painters most of us spend long hours alone and without a lot of feedback. Friends and family often don’t know what to say about our work. For a painter stuck on a painting there is nothing like another artist eye to articulate what we were feeling. I knew the painting wasn’t working but I could not identify why! I am pleased that I get to share my art life with such gifted artists.

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