Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

This month I finished the largest painting to date, 5X15 feet… that sounds so much larger than 60X180 inches, Doesn’t it? The triptych of three 5X5 foot panels has been submitted by my Santa Fe gallery, Winterowd Fine Art for selection to The Art in Public Places committee. It was a real joy to paint. The “Flow” was there which has been so elusive lately , very grateful for that. My studio , in an older adobe downtown Santa Fe is not large enough to work on a painting this size so I painted at home.

There   are many layers of oil paint which, I think gives the work an inner luminous quality. Ooooooo the  poetic quality of juicy oil paint. The surface and  “The Paint Body” are important elements in my work. Karla (Winterowd) often shows my work to collectors in varying levels of light.

She starts with the  gallery floods all the way up and gradually turns the dimmer switch down. The paintings seem to take on an etherial quality and a life of their own. I often see passages in the work that I did not know were there.
The first time Karla showed me the work this way I got chills.  I had not experienced the work this way.  In my studio I always paint only in natural daylight.

I am including a photograph of the view from  home which is always inspiration for paintings. New Mexico has such an expansive feeling.

c lick on the thumbnail to enlarge


2 thoughts on “Fifteen Foot Painting!!!!!

  1. Debra says:

    Jamie, you paint with a luminous quality because you paint from within. Simply stunning –

    I cherish the 4″ x 8″ water color next to my desk, I received from you dated 2003….


  2. I always love your work! Congratulations on a 15 foot painting! Moving to a larger format is challenging but inspiring.


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