Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

Sunday morning, a cup of  Yerba Mate, reflecting on the weeks work. Rim Light, oil on canvas, 30X72.  Work seems to flow more smoothly when the scale of the canvas relates to the scale of my world here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Visual beauty stretching out all around me, low horizon line, empty sky. This type of studio intuitive painting, making marks and reacting to marks, letting my head, hand and heart be guided almost always results in an experience of something greater than myself. It seems that this is why most of us show up every day at the easel. The Rim Light painting is based on reference photos and memories of trips through New Mexico,  Utah, Arizona and Nevada. I imagined a brilliant sun lighting up the rim of the canyon. I grew up in the South with dense foliage and heavy humid air,  the shapes of the Mesas and Buttes against a cloudless sky are intriguing and mysterious. Simplifying the landscape and cutting down to the bare essentials in shape allows me more freedom to focus on color. I have eliminated all of the competition, no fluffy clouds, bushes or grasses. The primary focus is on the color palette of Orange, Yellow Ocher, Burnt Sienna and Buff  with hints of lavender. What are they saying to each other?


One thought on “New Work

  1. Marta Jamróz says:

    Nice to meet you. Have a nice day.


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