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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

Yesterday I was invited by my gallery here in Santa Fe (Winterowd Fine Art) to give an artist talk for a group  from Silicone Valley traveling to Santa Fe expressly to see art and visit art galleries. I shared my artist vision and spoke specifically about this painting the inspiration, going up the road to the ski basin, simplifying and abstracting the forms and the many many layers of oil paint on the canvas. What a treat when a lovely couple decided to purchase the painting! They said the work reminded them of all of the things they feel when visiting Santa Fe, having visited eleven different times over the years. It is so meaningful as an artist who works primarily in the studio to connect with collectors and hear what they respond to in the work. Thank you Karla, Alex and Rosanne!


9 thoughts on “Sold, Thank You Winterowd Fine Art

    1. Thank you Victoria!
      I lived on the Gulf of Mexico many years before Santa Fe. It does show up in my paintings.


  1. thoraaron says:

    I love it, not to inflate you ego too much but it reminds me of a Monet I once saw, great color use, subtle.


    1. Really Appreciate your comments. I too have a very fond memory of seeing Monet’s water lilies in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, really took my breath away.
      Very kind of you to reference my work with his!


    1. Thank you Andy, I appreciate your commenting!


  2. Peggy Boyleston says:

    Jamie, Your Art reflects your inner Beauty and Love you have for life and for everything arround you.I know the couple will always feel that when looking at your Beautiful Art.

    Thank You


  3. lea p black says:

    Jamie, what an inspiration you are…giving a heart felt talk about your work…nice reward!


    1. Thank you Lea.
      It was a delightful surprise!!


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