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Studio Visit: Alison Keogh

December 21, 2011

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In October my critique group met at the Santa, Fe Studio of artist Alison Keogh. Here is a link to her website


and a link to her recent video posts on YouTube


I hope you take the time to look at each and every photograph of her beautiful work and work space. As a visual artist you are stimulated and inspired everywhere your eye lands. The over arching theme I would say of Alison’s work and her arrangement ¬†of her space are, highly developed aesthetic sensitivities,elegance, thoughtfulness and unexpected beauty . It was such a delight to see the pine straw hanging on her wall, the simplicity and loveliness, honoring the straw of pine trees . I had not realized until Alison told me that the pine straw had been dipped in clay! All through the space are arrangements of natural elements that told me the artist sees the world differently than I do and I am grateful to her for expanding my awareness of it.


One thought on “Studio Visit: Alison Keogh

  1. Thanks for sharing..would love to have had the opportunity to join you on this one!!!


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