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I had the great good fortune, thanks to my lovely friend Tanya, to go with the artist Munson Hunt on a guided tour of her stunning exhibition at the Center of Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico titled “Reclamation”. (Also in attendance were Tanya Young and Karla Winterowd)
Below is a link to more about the exhibition which is up until the 8th of January, so hurry up !!!
In addition, here is a link to Munson’s website; http://munsonhunt.com/slideshow.html
It was such a treat to walk thru the gallery with Munson.  She is a thoughtful, articulate artist.  She talked about the search for these huge pieces of wood that came from reclaimed cottonwoods on a Nambe, New Mexico ranch.  They are charred, covered in Graphite, and are in human scale, six to eight and half feet tall.  Chainsaw marks and rippled charred surfaces are evident on close examination.  All are all slightly different in character because of the hand-cut nature of the process.
Personally I think one of the greatest gifts that artists like Munson give the world is a New Perspective!  When an artist takes the time to have this kind of in-depth dialog with her materials, wood and glass, something entirely new emerges.  Because I arrived early and was on the private tour, I had the opportunity to stand in the cavernous gallery with Munson’s dark charred wood sentinels, and walk among them.  It was a deeply moving experience to just BE with them. They have such a strong presence.  I told Munson that I think MOMA should build a special room to house the exhibition, permanently.  I would encourage everyone to get to the CCA and have this experience for themselves.  Thank you Munson !


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