Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

I have just returned from spending time with family over the Holidays. I sometimes find it a struggle to get going in the studio again. It is a pattern I have had over the years. Maybe some of my artist friends will post some suggestions.. how do you do it? Get re-connected with your work? Sometimes I come back to unfinished pieces and other deadlines, that can be my jumpstart. Sometimes, like now I revisit a familiar composition or color palette and see what new information it might hold. In this painting I really wanted to hold the abstraction and explore the surface as long as possible. One day I will have to post all of the different incarnations a painting like this goes through. The surface of the foreground of this painting looks like butter! It took so many layers to get the color harmony I was looking for. I am also enjoying this streak of turquoise.  Grateful to be able to visit an old friend to experience the joy of first becoming a painter when I watched with anticipation what every brushstroke might do and to feel the comfort of familiar surroundings and reminiscent conversations.

This painting, Far Away is 30X60 and recently delivered to Winterowd Fine Art, Karla Winterowd represents my work here in Santa Fe.


2 thoughts on “Visiting an Old Friend

  1. Sometimes getting motivated after time off is hard! I am encountering the same problem from the holidays. I just think to myself”JUST DO It” like the Nike commercial. Once I just stand in front of my panel with a paint brush in my hand and just make a mark..the work begins to flow..of course there is always music involved and usually at these times I put on top 40 stuff and dance around the room a little!!!!


  2. After a time away from the studio, or after the completion of a big project, I often struggle to reconnect with my Art Flow. What works best for me is this: I start painting oddball things like small cardboard boxes, or pieces of furniture, envelopes or art papers I have walked on – anything about which I have no agenda. I feel no pressure to make it “great” or that I will be offering it for sale. You cannot imagine the lovely boxes, envelopes and festive chairs I have now……
    This always gets me going again.


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