Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

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Our December crit group meeting was held at Kathleen McCloud’s studio in La Cieneguilla, just south of Santa Fe, NM . Here is a link to Kathleen’s website  http://kathleenmccloud.com/

Her work is represented in Santa Fe by Ernesto Mayans Gallery, 601 Canyon Road. This studio visit was such a treat. I love that Kathleen can walk out of her house and over to the studio.. a short commute, which is very appealing, especially  if we are having a lot of snow fall. Her six hundred square foot studio was so warm and toasty. Heated by a trusty  wood stove filled with crackling logs, aromatherapy and soothing sounds. Her studio has the character of a well lived in and worked in space. There is plenty of wall space to view work in progress and lovely views out to the mountains from the higher south-facing windows.

Kathleen is such an enthusiastic, inspired and articulate artist. Her restless intellect finds ways to comment on many aspects of daily life, and contemporary culture in addition to extensive research in history and art history. You can see from the photographs of the space lots of works in progress, ideas taking shape and a couple of completed works. We all loved the wooden piece that suggested a book shape, what a beautiful surface and original presentation. You can also see ideas that Kathleen is working on with indigo dyes, old gloves and handkerchief’s. What ever unfolds I know it will be beautiful visually,  thought-provoking and definitely a unique perspective,  not an easy task to pull off and Kathleen does all of this innately. It is inspiring to see an artist doing what they were meant to do in this world.

During the course of our meeting the word Transitions came up over and over again… so likely to be a big part of 2012.

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s new work next month, until then…..


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