Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

This project was a fun challenge. I worked with an Art Consultant from Atlanta. Our client loved the oil painting on the left (40X40) but needed a larger work. I really like this ocher and blue color palette so it was a real treat to work out the composition and create a second work that  complimented the first. I know how important the paintings are to me that I live with so I like to honor a collectors request particularly regarding scale . The wrong size work makes everything look wrong. The reference for this image was from a  photo safari, an outing that I took when I was in Taos, New Mexico for a painting work shop in September. I like changing the colors of the landscape shapes and making them somewhat unexpected. I will see if Kimberly will send me a photo of the installation to share at a later date.



2 thoughts on “Recent Commission Painting

  1. Sherri Burritt says:

    This piece is so beautiful…..do I detect some techniques from our online classes?


    1. Hi Sherri;
      Thank you! Yes for sure, my paintings continue to get stronger the more I study and practice with Deborah Paris, wonderful experienced teacher!!!


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