Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

I am thrilled that my work will now be represented by Pryor Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia.


I have had several delightful conversations with gallery director Tiffany Hay. Really looking forward to working with her and Ann and Susie, the owner.  Pryor Fine Art strives to present artists and paintings that transcend and transform everyday objects and moments, all the while, providing the collector with a peaceful place to connect with these emotive, original works of art.  The gallery is a nationally recognized liaison between a successful stable of artists and collectors everywhere. The thrill and joy of dealing art come from close relationships with artists and patrons alike. Nurturing our artists to continue to create and evolve is just as satisfying as sharing their work with our clients.

It will be very meaningful to me to work on paintings that depict the landscape of my childhood. Growing up in Alabama and then later living for many years on the Gulf Coast of Florida I have a deep affection for the South, the lush landscape and lovely warm moist air.

The slideshow consists of the ten paintings Tiffany selected for the gallery.

Here is the contact information:

Pryor Fine Art
764 Miami Circle
Atlanta, Ga 30324

Phone: (404) 352-8775

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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