Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

We attended the opening Friday evening of The exhibition “Sense of Place” Landscape paintings by Lynn Boggess. It is a stunning array of Boggess work as you can tell from the slide show. Here is the link to the gallery,  Evoke Gallery here in Santa Fe. NM http://www.evokecontemporary.com/Artists/LynnBoggess.html. I arrived early hoping to meet Boggess and have a few minutes to speak with him about his work. I am a long time admirer. I remember the first time I saw his work @ Evoke, wow! it took my breath away. As a painter and a Landscape painter I remember thinking this is a truly unique voice. His work is so lively,  the canvas is a mere container for the energy emanating from it. It is impossible not to be drawn to the thick paint floating on and off of the surface. Personally I think Boggess color sensitivities are extremely sophisticated. They are the coat hanger for the harmony of the work. Lynn lives in West Virginia. The first work of his I saw was,  I think of that landscape. I grew up in the South and know those woods of vines and indecipherable tangle . I honestly could not have imagined that someone could convey it realistically and also with beauty. I did not see it that way my feelings were of overwhelm and confusion.  It was a treat to have my eyes opened to appreciate the ordinary bank of any stream.

Boggess paints on location. Check out this video to see him in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBc2dEyqLB0

For his current show Boggess spent time out and about in New Mexico and has given us many poems of familiar delight. Luscious layers of sienna and ocher paint one on top of the other creating the geology we New Mexicans adore. Another quality of g work is that up close his work appears abstract, impossible to imagine quite what he is trying to convey although the enjoyment of his enjoyment of the paint is mouth-watering. Step back and as an apparition the landscape coalesces right before your very eyes. I can imagine that living with the work one would see something new and intriguing with every glance. I hope you have the opportunity to see his work in person and to meet him, what a treat!

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