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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

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The fine fellows from Atelier 4 picked up the large scale triptych Lavender Hills 60X180. The packing was impeccable. On it’s way to the Ambassador’s residence in Zimbabwe. Camille Benton the curator for The Art in Embassies Program will send a photograph of the painting installed in the residence. Such an honor to be apart of this terrific program!


4 thoughts on “American Embassy in Zimbabwe

  1. MAWB says:

    I love this! You have no idea how near and dear these Embassies are to my heart. My daughter was in Togo, West Africa Peace Corps for over two years. Her good friend was supposed to be in Benghazi when it was attacked but had gotten pneumonia and was sent home the week before. She was baking cookies for all her friends when she heard the news. It is so important we maintain Embassies in these countries. Congratulations. What an honor!!


    1. You are so kind to write a comment. You are right it is an honor. I got goosebumps when I was invited! Thanks again!


  2. Joanne Teasdale says:

    I am so happy for you Jamie!!!!!!! Love, Joanne


    1. Thank You Joanne!!! I miss you. We had a lovely snow last night!


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