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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

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As I have been working in the studio this summer I have started contemplating colors in a different way. In thinking about using Red in paintings I have thought about the challenge of making work that does not look like blood or something that has been burned or on fire!!! I decided to look at some of my favorite artist and how they have worked with red, naturally none of the previous mentioned elements come to mind when you look at their work. I have included a couple of my own favorite paintings but i can tell you that at different points in the process I had to keep working to overcome a sensation that from time to time was scary. The collector that purchased the painting Red Hot shared that she loves to see the painting in different light thru out the day but her favorite time of day to see the painting is in the morning. She told me that she finds the painting so calming, which is true however I do not know how that quality came about in the work. Painting is such a mystery! I just got some new red colors from Vasari Paint that I am excited about exploring so more to come on which reds are my favorites and some color mixing charts…. what are your thoughts about red paintings?


9 thoughts on “Pink and Red

  1. lynnewindsor says:

    Just discovered your blog Jamie. Really enjoyed the last two postings. I am big fan of Birge Harrison.. Barry and I have his book.


    1. Hi Lynne!
      Thanks for commenting am delighted you enjoyed the Blog Posts. I always enjoy seeing what you are working on!!!
      Would love to get together while you are here in NM????


      1. lynnewindsor says:

        I would love that Jamie. I was going to suggest it myself!


  2. You know I love all the reds – cadmium, scarlet lake, vermillion….and use them with abandon. My galleries though often ask for more “blue ones”! I have found that clients/art buyers need a lot of support to give themselves permission to buy the red painting they like. They somehow feel insecure when choosing an image with so much life power.


    1. Hi Barbara. I have always admired your color sense. Thanks so much for your input!


  3. createthinklive says:

    Reblogged this on createthinklive and commented:
    I love how they artists portray depth in different ways.


  4. ashleynsoden says:

    I guess I am intrigued by earthy tones. Red is a warm color. A muddy red color, like in the Jaime Kirkland piece, has that warmth to it that pulls me in. There is something calming about it. I would love to see your experimenting with this Interesting. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Your selections are outstanding!


    1. Thank you Maurice! That means a lot coming from you!


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