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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

When I am not making art (painting) I am thinking about art, When I am not thinking about art I am reading about Art! This seems to be a common thread among my artist friends.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe list below is of my current favorite art blogs in no particular order.and links to each one. Please share your favorites!
1. Deborah Barlow Slow Muse http://www.slowmuse.com
If Deborah were not a visual artist I imagine that she could easily be a writer. I am frequently taken aback at some of her descriptions of her experiences. I have felt many of these feelings but have been unable to articulate them. Thank you Deborah!

2. Sadie Valeri http://www.sadievaleri.com/blog/

Sadie puts it all out there sharing all of her equipment and techniques. She is also an instructor in the San Francisco area. I truly admire her work especially her landscape paintings.

3. Marc Hanson http://marchanson.blogspot.com

Another artist whose work I admire! and with a sense of humor!

4. Christopher Volpe http://christophervolpe.blogspot.com

This is another thoughtful blogger often incorporating art history including beautiful overlooked paintings as well as Classics!

5. High Road Artist http://high-road-artist.com

Truly Living an Artist’s Dream! I love reading all about it.

6. Lori McKnee http://www.finearttips.com/blog/

Lori is known for her blog and it is easy to see why. So many great tips for artists.

7. Making a Mark http://makingamark.blogspot.com

Artist and writer Katherine Tyrrell writes about art for artists and art lovers on her top art blog

and finally here is a link to the top 100 Contemporary Art Blogs http://contemporaryartblogs.com/blogs


2 thoughts on “My Current Favorite Art Blogs

  1. artisthope says:

    Great idea for a blog!!:-)

    Brenda Hope Zappitell artisthope@aol.com http://www.zappitellstudio.com cell 561.886.8611

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thanks Brenda! It is fun to share things that are meaningful to us as artists!!!!


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