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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

I am really looking forward to visiting family and traveling to Pawley Island South Carolina. We will be staying on the wetlands side of the island so I will be able to paint some of my favorite subject matter. Hard to imagine anything more satisfying than sitting on the deck and studying nature. Having lived on the intrercostal waterway in Florida for many years I am sure the smells of the salt air and sounds of wind across the grasses and listening to pelicans crash into the water will feed my moisture deprived soul.

One of the responsibilities of a landscape painter is to orchestrate  forms into a harmonious composition. The shapes that water creates as it weaves in and out of grasslands and shorelines are often so lyrical. The light dazzles and sparkles on the wavelets. Paintings literally create themselves.

When I think of my favorite painters of water ways and wetlands I think of luminist painter Sanford Gifford (1823-1880). I love the stillness in his work. Another favorite John Kensett (1816-1872)  whose work seems so contemporary and also Martin Johnson Heade (1819-1904).

In this slide show gallery I have included images of Pawley Island, as well as two painings by each artist Sanford Gifford, Martin Johnson Heade, John Kensett and myself.

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2 thoughts on “Traveling to Pawley Island, South Carolina

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    Enjoyed this!

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