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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

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Karla Winterowd the owner of the gallery I show with in here in Santa Fe , Winterowd Fine Art http://www.fineartsantafe.com/index.php/artists/category/7-jamie-kirkland-landscape-abstracts was invited to install art in a Beautiful Bob Zachery designed  contemporary house in Las Campanas, just outside of Santa Fe. The home was recently featured in the Hacienda: Parade of Homes.

One of the paintings Karla selected to install was my cloud painting titled On My Way Home oil on canvas 50X72.

I was delighted to find out that the homeowners fell in love with the painting and decided to make a  purchase.

This series of cloud paintings is inspired by my first trip out West! Having grown up in the south surrounded by thickets of woods and dense undergrowth I was amazed when on a camping trip with my family we crossed into west Texas and New Mexico. I could see the sky all around me and storms miles away moving across the landscape. It felt so immense and free. I have tried to convey that feeling in many paintings over the years.


One thought on “Haciendas: Parade of Homes Santa Fe, New Mexico

  1. This room is so relaxing and peaceful ! The painting is like another window to look through ! Just flowing with style but Simple Elegance.


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