Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

The current favorite painting for my exhibition Panorama at The Fort Worth Community Arts Center November 8-December 28th.
I knew I wanted to elongate and exaggerate the shape of the image. After trying out several ideas for a diptych I felt most comfortable with the proportions of a 30X72 canvas along with a 30X52 canvas.  It was a challenge to try to render the mysterious qualities I saw and felt as this weather front poured in, shrouding the landscape. How to create a sense of depth and air on a two-dimensional surface? The focal point of the feathery trees there but not jumping out off the canvas….. I have included some images of mixing the colors. I love to see big juicy piles of paint. It reminds me of making pastries! Lots of dough and icing! Woosh has about eight to ten layers of paint and glazes to get the right feeling overall. I took these photographs back in March of this year while traveling from Fort Worth back home to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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