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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

What a treat to have Scott Gellatly Product Manager for Gamblin Paint company visit Santa Fe and talk with a group of about twenty Santa Fe artists, in my studio for almost three hours!!! The topics Scott covered were a serious painter’s dream! Artist’s Oil Colors, Color Theory, Color Mixing, Mineral vs Modern Pigments, Indirect vs Direct Painting Techniques, Gamblin’s New FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors, Galkyd Painting Mediums, Studio Safety, Gamvar Picture Varnish.
Scott is also a wonderful Landscape Painter www.scottgellatly.com. I have so enjoyed seeing his beautiful cloud and plein air paintings that he occasionally posts on Facebook.

I belong to an artist’s critique group that meets monthly and almost all of us use the Gamblin products as do many other painters here in Santa Fe mainly because the company is  dedicated to Studio Safety and also because everyone at the company is so available to artists to help them understand how to use the different products to achieve the desired result. Not to mention that both Robert Gamblin and Scott Gellatly are painters!  I doubt if many of us realized just how much we were also selecting a career in chemistry when we became full-time artists but after you spend hours and hours and days and days working with particular materials you really want to know all that they can do and why this happens when you mix this with that or put one thing on top of another. I think I will  spend the rest of my life exploring color, color relationships and harmonies. What one color does interacting with another on the canvas is one of the most exciting aspects of being a painter. Typically my favorite conversations with fellow painters are all about color and  surfaces …

Another reason so many painters use Gamblin products is because of the wealth of technical information available on the Gamblin Website. http://www.gamblincolors.com. You can explore almost any topic that as a professional artist it is important to know. The depth of information is astounding. The staff is also so helpful if you have any questions.

I really want to thank Scott and The Gamblin Paint Company for their generosity

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