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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

During a recent stay at Ghost Ranch we made reservations to tour Georgia O Keeffe’s house in Abiquiu, New Mexico, you can click this link for more info and to make a reservation
We were driven from our gathering place next to the Abiquiu Inn up to her house. The village of Abiquiu prefers that visitor disturbance is kept to a minimum so we caravaned up to the house nearby. We were not allowed to take photos inside the house. To get a better feeling for her lifestyle and aesthetic design I highly recommend this book available on amazon .
This book contains lots of photographs of her house in Abiquiu as well as he other house down the road at Ghost Ranch currently the house in Abiquiu is the only one open for tours, however I understand that her home at Ghost Ranch may be open to the public soon.
So many people are fascinated with the life that Georgia O Keeffe created for herself in New Mexico and the work that evolved out of this environment. Although not extravagant by any means her homes are definitely beautiful and she had a staff to help her maintain her chosen lifestyle. The pared down interiors seem almost sacred. They are organic, handmade adobe filled with light. It is hard to imagine that anyone would not be inspired in these interiors. Her kitchen is a particular favorite mine. It feels like she will come in any minute with a basket overflowing with vegetables for the cook to prepare. Georgia was a longtime advocate of organic gardening and loved growing her own vegetables. There is a large pantry filled with dated kitchen appliances that must have been exciting acquisitions at the time. There is a large window over the sink looking out over the Chama Valley and the path to the studio. The studio is filled with plate glass windows overlooking her favorite landscape. It is simple, clean with minimal clutter. She kept meticulous records of her paintings. The original binders are on display in the bookshelves along the “office” section of her studio. There is a separate small bedroom where she slept.
The tour guide was delightful. We even had an actress accompany us who read lines from Georgia’s letters and told stories. The tour is so worth it, to be in the actual environment of one of our most creative personalities.
Highly recommended!

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