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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

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Back in September I had the opportunity to go out early in the morning with Scott Gellatly product manager of the Gamblin Paint Company and his cohort Dave. They were in Santa Fe to participate in Artisan’s Art Expo.
I suggested the Galisteo Basin Preserve

Although a bit of a drive it is so worth it for the long views, great skies and perfect privacy. My painter friend Bill Rhea introduced me to this painting location earlier this year. I always look forward to getting out here where it is so quiet and the light changes minute by minute.
I am finally discovering thru the use of a palette knife a plein air painting technique that does, I think give me the information I need to make a complete statement. This process is one of putting a lot more paint on the canvas than I do in my studio paintings. It is fun to experiment and think of my time outdoors as field study. In the studio I put many layers of paint on the canvas over days or months. It really is only after three or four layers of paint that I see the painting start to come to life.
It is winter now although the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico http://papnm.org have paint outs scheduled year round. I hope to participate in lots more of these and discover more of the natural beauty of New Mexico.


One thought on “Galisteo Basin Perserve

  1. What beautiful scenery! Just seeing your canvas in the foreground makes me want to get outside and paint.


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