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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~


A  recent Plein Air Painting trip to Fredericksburg, Texas with my painting BFF Mallory Agerton www.malloryagerton.com  resulted in so many painting inspirations.

Color Studies

Field Notes



Best of all time spent with a good friend talking about painting, where to paint, color palettes, times to paint, surfaces, tools and techniques. Dreams and Aspirations

After spending the first afternoon scouting locations Mallory and I got up before dawn every day to get out and capture the magic Hours of the dawn light. We took a break at mid day then ventured back out in the late afternoon for some amazing sunset and dusk painting motifs. There really is nothing more wonderful than sitting at the edge of the pasture watching the light move across the field ad listen to the sounds of birds and feisty sheep and goats and feel the breeze while silently recording it all.

We are both fortunate to have been invited to show at a beautiful new gallery in Fredericksburg Gallery 330 www.gallery330.com








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One thought on “Plein Air Painting in Fredericksburg, Texas

  1. malloryagerton says:

    It was wonderful, hopefully we will do another painting trip again this year! It was incredibly inspiring!

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