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My husband Ralph and I recently drove from Santa Fe to New Orleans, La and back with stops in Baton Rouge, Austin and Fredericksburg, TX. I loved seeing all of the rich golden greens and Burnt umber shrubs and Burnt Sienna Grasses. I can’t remember the winters of my childhood being so filled with color. I speculated that because of a recent hard freeze in the area there many more deep rich browns that I could recall in the past. I love taking photographs when I am traveling especially as sunset nears . The way the fields are lit up by the raking light is very exciting to see. In this post I am sharing a couple of images that have been altered in the Paper Camera App. I am really enjoying the way this app abstracts the landscape into simple shapes.

I find these photographs so visually exciting. I can’t wait to get the paint out and start a whole new body of work.


4 thoughts on “Winter Road Trip

  1. whitewall contemporary says:

    Nice! Xoxo

    Brenda Zappitell | Director Whitewall Contemporary 200 NE 2nd Ave Suite 102 Delray Beach, FL 33444 561.328.1363 http://www.whitewallcontemporary.com



  2. malloryagerton says:

    Love a road trip to enlarge your thinking and let your mind wander on creative paths.


    1. Great description of the benefits Mallory! Thank You!


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