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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

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On the third day of our trip Mallory Agerton and I decided to explore every river crossing we could find all around Fredericksburg. We happened on this spot of perfection located just off the old Kerrville Road. This is where the Pedernales River intersects Bear Creek.

We immediately named this location The Huckleberry Finn Place. It is so picturesque. It looks like a Disney movie location. It was a joy to spend hours and hours there looking and listening.

For a painter it has such a unique vantage point of being able to comfortably sit and look down river. Typically you’re only option is looking across the river. This spring time the trees are lush and drape so gracefully across the water. The reflections are dazzling. We arrived at the crack of dawn and so enjoyed watching the sun come up to our left and glaze the treetops.

I am more of a studio painter than Plein Air Painter but I enjoy getting out and having the opportunity to study nature, especially with a my painting buddy Mallory, her enthusiasm inspires me to make the effort to be up early fortified with  Illy Coffee, lunch packed and ready to go before the light comes up.
This trip was the maiden voyage for my Strada Easel https://www.stradaeasel.com. It is lightweight and easy to set up. Valuable qualities for out door painting gear
I am tickled to say that my color study was purchased out of my studio in Santa Fe by collectors Jane and Drew Scott,  Texas expats.

2 thoughts on “Fredericksburg Texas: the Huckleberry Finn Place

  1. Debra Skowron says:

    Very inspiring, you are a sparkling jewel living on earth.


    1. Love you Debra!! too funny!!!


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