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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

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I posted the picture of David Leffel on the convention stage giving a talk and demo on my Facebook page with the caption.. one of the most inspiring talks about art and artist life I have ever heard… My galleries here in Santa Fe, Karla Winterowd asked me why I felt that way.. I described to her watching this artist receive a lifetime achievement award the night before and despite age and some physical limitations this man was so joyful, humble, kind and forthcoming. I could tell he was taking great delight in sharing with us some of his most memorable experiences and encounters over his long impressive career. He continued to reiterate that you have to stay open and willing to learn. I sure aspire to have those qualities at 83. He said that they called the artists at The Art Students League in New York that could only adhere to strict rigid painting systems as “Masonites” …..

Here are some more quotes from David

“painting is a problem solving discipline”

“One piece of paint next to another piece of paint”

“If you think Its simple you’ll see simple solutions, if you think it’s hard, it is”

“Ask yourself, what am I not seeing, how am I not seeing properly?”

“Light is how we tell the story”

“Old Masters didn’t teach hope… as in I hope this looks good”

“Fear is the biggest problem creating us against us, we create the fear”

“Edges are the soul of the painting”

“everything you want to learn is right before your eyes”

“1500 Careless brushstrokes can’t add up to a beautiful painting”

This convention experience was one of kindness and generosity. Very inspiring and uplifting and I won a Strada mini outdoor painting easel!! My friend artist Anita Louise West won a prize too!! I got to see some old friends, Scott Gellatly and Dave Bernard from Gamblin Paint Company. They are so fun to paint with, and my painter friend from Utah the very talented Shanna Kunz. There were so many artist demos that my head is swimming with ideas to put o the canvas. Next year will be in San Francisco, Yeah!!!

4 thoughts on “Plein Air Convention 2018

  1. John Young says:

    Thank you for sharing – sounds like you had a great time, and a well deserved break from the studio.

    I’ll let you settle back in next week and then I would love to take you to lunch.


    Tanya xx



    1. I would love that Tanya 😊


  2. malloryagerton says:

    Hi Jamie, I was one of the Masonites in NYC! Leffel certainly was a great teacher, and I often remember him telling us to keep it simple, and that the light tells the story. Congratulations on the Strada easel prize! Sounds like it was a very productive time for you- I am so glad!


    1. Wow Mallory, that is too cool that you studied with him!!! It is great hearing from these painters who have had such long careers!!!!


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