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Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

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Thank you to Winterowd Fine Art here in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Karla Winterowd for facilitating this memorable commission. A collector of my work contacted the Gallery to inquire about the possibility of my creating an original work of art commemorating their trip trekking thru Nepal and the Himalayan Mountains.The painting was to be a surprise gift for her husband’s birthday.

Having completed numerous commissioned pieces over the years, from this painting 8×8 to 60×120. I have come to enjoy the variety of experiences that each collaboration brings.

This collector has purchased several paintings over the years. I found the request both exciting and challenging. I really like that aspect of commission paintings. They always push me out of my comfort zone and I learn a lot. The collector sent four stunning images to choose from. After making the selection the work flowed nicely. I am sharing the response forwarded to me from the gallery. Needless to say I was deeply touched to read their experience with the work. I look forward to the next opportunity.


Hi Jamie and Karla,
I hope you both are well! The painting arrived on Wednesday.  I didn’t open it before I gave it to My husband, so we were both wonderfully surprised. As you can see by the look on His face, the painting is much loved. Thank you again for your willingness to make such a special memory for us. And, we put it up next to windswept so you can see how fabulous windswept is in our kitchen! He always tells people that our kitchen was designed around windswept; in a sense, he’s right!
With incredible gratitude,
your collector

2 thoughts on “A Memorable Commission

  1. John Young says:

    That is a sweet story – can you share the picture too?

    I am suffering from the nasty juniper today as I spent too many hours in the garden yesterday (but I did get a lot done!)

    See you soon

    Tanya xx



    1. Hi Tanya;
      I am sorry that the Juniper got you.. Is Rocco sneezing too?
      the photo that the collector took as well as the painting are in the slide show… is that what you were asking???


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