Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

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Twice a year  Canyon Road hosts a paint out. One in the Spring and one in the Fall

http://visitcanyonroad.com. I spent Friday and Saturday painting at Winterowd Fine Art, 701 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM. I can’t help but think about all of the years I have participated (you can tell by the variety and lengths of my hair in some of these photos).

Santa Fe is truly an artists paradise, being one of many artists painting on Canyon Road reminds me of how wonderful our creative community is. When I first moved to Santa Fe in 06, I attended a seminar for Women in the Arts. I was astonished to hear how many residents of Santa Fe list Visual Arts and their primary source of income. There are many critique groups, workshops and figure drawing groups here in our community. I have always found artists here to be incredibly generous with information. I love to talk technical stuff with other painters… paints, varnishes, mediums, travel gear you name it!!!

If you are a studio painter like me you would probably enjoy an opportunity to be out in front of the gallery painting and talking with all of the interested collectors that come by. Santa Fe attracts visitors form all over the country. I like being a small part of what might make them feel welcome and comfortable asking questions about art, painting and process. It is also a great opportunity to support the wonderful women at Winterowd Fine Art. they are on the front lines everyday sharing my paintings with collectors. I am beyond grateful for all they do. Okay I’ll be back in October, if not before!


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