Jamie Kirkland Art Studio

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~Rumi ~

I thought in the next couple of blog posts I would share some items in my studio practice that I like using and really help me move my work forward. I have always enjoyed seeing my paintings installed in collectors homes. It is so appreciated when a collector takes the time to photograph the piece hanging in their home or office. I do have a nice collection of those images.

This App iartview allows me to see what paintings just off the easel might look like in a collectors home. I like that the selection of rooms are fairly contemporary and minimalist. That allows me to really use my imagination and focus on how the work is perceived in a particular environment. This app is easy to use in addition to offering a selection of rooms I can also upload images of interiors. This application allows me to increase or decrease the size of the painting on the wall. I find this option particularly helpful if I am thinking of changing the scale of a painting. I love when a smaller work is successful imagining it really large. All of these aspects inspire the creative juices. I don’t know how many of my blog subscribers are also artists so you’ll have to let me know if this post was helpful……

Heres the link to find out more






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